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Challenger Manufacturing

There have been a lot of changes in the street sweeping industry over the last decade and Challenger Manufacturing is leading the way in the mechanical sweeper market. Our manufacturing process utilizes best in class components and leading edge technology that allows us to offer a street sweeper that is strong on performance and long on durability.

At Challenger we manufacture chassis mounted mechanical road sweepers. These street sweepers are reliable machines that feature high fuel efficiency and low initial cost. Built as robust machines, our mechanical broom sweepers are suited for a wide range of applications while benefiting from a tight turning-radius to hug the sides of roads even in heavy traffic. It also features a high-dump capability which increases productivity by eliminating long and costly trips to and from the landfill.

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North America is home to a wide range of climates and topography from the freezing northern Territories of Canada to the subtropical States of Florida and California. These climates create varying road conditions from gravel sprayed Rocky Mountain roads to sand covered desert roads in New Mexico and Las Vegas. Currently, over 70% of sweepers in North America are mechanical sweepers and remaining 30% are air, and for good reason. Mechanical sweepers are the most versatile type of sweepers. They thrive in heavy sweeping conditions, such as sweeping heavy asphalt grinding or packed dirt on the uneven surfaces of construction sites, but are also great for final touch application sweeping such as on airports or race tracks.

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