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Welcome to Odra Sweepers

Technology engineered for the 21st century has to consider its environmental impact, both locally and globally. Our sweepers consume far less fuel than similar competitor models, while using best-in-class components with a reduced operating weight. We’ve accomplish all this without sacrificing performance and durability.

Check out our sweepers in action!

Watch this video demonstrating the finer points of an Odra street sweeper.

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Challenger Manufacturing … Now Odra Sweepers!

We are proud to announce that we are now Odra Sweepers.

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Recent Articles


Midsize Elgin Broom Badger

Check out this great video review we received of the new Midsize Elgin Broom Badger, by Key Equipment & Supply Company.


ODRA Expands into the US (featured on WDAZ8)

“More jobs are coming to Grand Forks as a new company sweeps into the city.

A Canadian-based street sweeper manufacturer is expanding to the United States and setting up shop right here in Grand Forks.

The Manitoba-based company, Challenger Manufacturing, is now operating a US base. The new branch, called ODRA, is in the Grand Forks Industrial Park.” Read the full story and watch the video.


ODRA Featured in the Grand Forks Region EDC News Center

“The Grand Forks Growth Fund Committee recommended approval of a funding request at its meeting July 9 to support the expansion of a Canadian-based street sweeper manufacturer. The Jobs Development Authority is expected to take final action on the request at its next meeting.” Read the full story.


ODRA Featured in the Winnipeg Free Press

“Here’s a story about the confluence of ingenuity and opportunity that probably would not have worked if it wasn’t set in Winnipeg.

Henryk Koch and Mirek Byczynski, engineers and friends from their hometown of Wroclaw, Poland, moved to Calgary and established careers in the sale and service of municipal sweepers — those large trucks equipped with massive brooms that clean streets.

After 15 years in the business, they understood there was a bit of a gap in the product selection on the market. While still in Calgary, they quit their jobs and designed and built their own sweeper, but decided to move to Winnipeg six years ago to set up their company.”

Read the full story.