Challenger MT4

Challenger Sweeper Hopper Raised

We proudly introduce the Challenger MT4 Sweeper, an innovative midsize design that has the heart and brawn of large chassis sweepers while offering the maneuverability and agility of a smaller sweeper.

We have sold over 400 Challenger MT4 sweepers. This model has been improved and perfected over 10 years.

In Canada and the USA our sweepers are sold exclusively through the Elgin Sweeper Company and is branded as the Elgin Broom Badger. Elgin has had a strong presence in the sweeping industry for over 100 years. Our sweeper is the only sweeper sold under the Elgin name that is not manufactured by Elgin.

The Challenger sweeper model is a chassis mounted, broom-only mechanical high-dump road sweeper. This street sweeper is a reliable machine that features high fuel efficiency and low initial cost. Built as a robust machine, our mechanical broom sweeper is suited for heavy applications while benefiting from a tight turning-radius to ‘hug’ the sides of roads even in heavy traffic. The cab-over design of our sweeper provides unmatched visibility and safe operation. It also features high-dump capability which increases productivity for the by working at maximum sweeping capacity. The ergonomically designed control console provides simple, comfortable operation.