Why You Should Buy a Challenger Sweeper


  • Uses less fuel than other types of sweepers because it doesn’t require low efficiency airflow methods to convey material into the hopper
  • Fuel efficient 59HP auxiliary engine is very fuel efficient


  • Over 10 years on the market
  • The best quality parts manufactured in USA and Canada
  • Proven to work in North America’s extreme weather environments from Alaska to Florida


  • Effective for street spring clean-up (heavy sand), asphalt grinding, airports, downtown areas, and parking lots


  • Skid mounted business model results in lower cost of equipment (local chassis), freight, and duty costs


  • Ability to dump debris from ground level to a variety of bins and containers up to 3 meters high
  • 3.06 cubic meter hopper capacity

Highly Mobile

  • Great visibility – No need for dual steering
  • Sharp turning radius, smaller radius than Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla
  • Drive between jobs at highway speed


  • Greaseless pins and bushings (only 6 greasing points)
  • Easy to rinse after sweeping (opening elevator back plate)
  • Easy to access service components (conveyor system, engine, etc.)


  • Color and number coded wires
  • No controllers

Ready for export

  • Requirements include a 8.5 ton GVWR chassis and specific chassis frame height
  • Get chassis service, repairs, and parts from local chassis dealer
  • Much simpler than hydrostatic drive on self-contained sweepers